Algae PLA 2.85mm X 1kg

Collections: Filament, Primary Line, Wood

Type: Filament

1 kg of filament on a spool.   



We've had a variety of composite filaments available for a while now.  Wood, metal, carbon fiber, and more.  Now we have added Algae filament from 3D Fuel produced with Solaplast bioplastics.  This materials uses the vision of harnessing the results of excess natural algae pollution and using it as an additive in polymers.  More information on that can be found here.

This material is a pale green color with a texture similar to wood filaments.  It is different from wood filaments in a number of way.  First, in printability, it is quite a bit easier.  The nature of the algae tends to not dry out and clog easily, so sensitivity to print settings is not much of a concern.  If you want to print this at 100 micron layers, very slowly, with a 0.35mm nozzle, go ahead.  Likewise, if you want to run it at a million miles an hour with a 1.0mm E3D Volcano and 0.5mm layers, be our guest.  The downsides, as compared to wood, is that it does not have the same stainable characteristic, which is a bit of a bummer.  

Algae-Fuel PLA filament is a nontoxic resin made of wild harvested algae and lactic acid derived from corn or sugar cane which has a slightly sweet smell when processed. Store Algae-Fuel PLA filament in a cool, dry place as it can absorb moisture from the air, and long-term exposure to humidity can compromise filament quality and performance. Be sure your build plate is level, clean and oil-free before printing. Algae-Fuel PLA filament adheres well to acrylic and to painter’s tape.

Sustainable 3D Printing Materials of Quality

3D Fuel Algae-Fuel PLA Filament is
 being produced from wild harvested algae and PLA. Using GMO free wild harvested algae is truly a renewable resource. Utilizing algae to produce more sustainable plastic products helps to sequester environmental carbon, clean water and algae does not require the use of arable cropland as most other bioplastics require. Algae is high in protein, which works well with plastics to help maintain the material properties that we are accustomed to in conventional plastics while also providing a more sustainable option.

Professional Production

All 3D Fuel filaments are produced in the Solaplast bioplastic production facility located in Meridian, Mississippi. We source all of the finest raw materials, including algae, resins, pigments and additives in the making of our Algae-Fuel filament, so that we can ensure the most consistent and highest quality product for every order.

Material Science

3D Fuel is a joint-venture with ALGIX, a distinguished leader in compounding and additives for the bioplastics industry. Our polymer science expertise and strategic partnerships are driving material innovations and quality. You can expect 3D Fuel to continually develop innovative new materials focused on performance, sustainability and quality.

Consistent Diameter and Roundness

Our filament extrusion system uses dual axis micrometer measurement systems to check the diameter and roundness during production. This helps us guarantee that each spool of 3D Fuel filament is produced with a precision tolerance. We can guarantee +/- 5% for our Algae-Fuel filament, which means you can rest assured that your printer is extruding the exact amount of material without causing jams, clogs and headaches.

In-House QC and Laboratory Testing

The 3D Fuel printing test lab features several popular 3D printers. We’re continuously testing our filament
on these 3D printers to monitor quality using advanced statistical practices. We are committed to developing exciting new materials for the maker community.

Professional Packaging

Within minutes of production, every spool of 3D Fuel filament is vacuum-sealed with a moisture desiccant enclosed. 3D Fuel filament is ready right out of the box for 3D printing when you receive your order.

Product Specifications:

Material:  3D Fuel Algae-Fuel PLA

Color:  Earthy Green

Diameter Tolerance:  ± 5%

Print temperature: 175C-210C  Our initial testing has found that this material likes to be printed colder than most of the other PLAs that we carry.  

Bed adhesion and print bed temperatures will be similar to other PLA that you print with.  

Product Dimensions

Spool Diameter:  20.3 cm (8 inches)

Spool Width:  7.3 cm (2 7/8 inches)

Spool Hub Hole: 5 cm (2 inches)

Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm (0.07 inches)

Technical data sheet is available here.

Product image and print by Walter Hsaio 

Bucky Ball (Fredbartels) / CC BY-SA 3.0


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