SWAG - 3D Printing Nerd T-Shirt

Printed Solid

Fresh from the 3D Printing Nerd YouTube channel, we bring you T-Shirts.  #highfive

note to international buyers:  we only offer shipping in the US through the website, but understand that people outside of the US may want some 3D Printing Nerdy goodness on their skin.  Contact us and we can quote you for international shipping.

These shirts are sold in partnership with Joel to help support his channel.  

Description by Joel:

"Never before has a shirt been so coveted by the masses.

Now, for the very first time, the OFFICIAL 3D Printing Nerd logo is available for you and your loved ones to own.

Behold the soft caress of the cotton shirt.

Notice how effortless your movement is while wearing the shirt.

Once you and your loved ones own this shirt, be sure to snap a photo of yourselves wearing it while offering up an epic high five.

Once that photo captures the glorious moment, post it socially so the 3D Printing Nerd noticed and YOU may make it into a future video!"

With the exception of the kids sizes and the ladies v-neck, they will be a Gildan Antique Royal Blue.  The kids and ladies V-neck will be a plain Royal Blue.  On the front:  3D Printing Nerd.  On the back small up by the collar #highfive

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