BCN Sigma - Dual Independent 3D Printer.

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Note, the BCN Sigma printer has about a 3-5 week lead time.  Contact us to find out exactly when our next shipment will arrive.

BCN Sigma Professional Grade Dual Material / Color 3D Printer

What's special about this printer?

The BCN Sigma is a 3D printer with two fully independent extruders.  While dual extrusion has been around for several years at the consumer level, this is the first consumer level dual extrusion system of this type.  Typically dual extrusion involves two hot ends mounted on a single carriage.  It is difficult to get calibrated properly and one nozzle will typically be a hair lower than the other and drag strings of the material in the 'off' nozzle through whatever you are printing with the 'on' nozzle.  

The Sigma has two hot ends each on their own carriage which eliminates most of these challenges.  Calibration becomes much easier and the opportunity to ooze material from the inactive nozzle is completely eliminated.  

This feature is called the IDEX System.


Large touchpad control screen

Sigma is outfitted with a large built in touchpad and an SD card reader.  This allows for easy printing without being connected to a computer and also allows for some nice visual cues for the calibration process.  

BCN Sigma 3D Printer Touch Panel

Optimized Calibration Process 

Setting up your printer so that the first layer sticks properly can be tricky especially for new users.  Many printers are starting to incorporate z-axis compensation, also referred to as auto-leveling, where the printer probes several points on the bed to define how to adjust the axis to print.  The problem with this is that it moves the z-axis up and down within a layer.  For a cartesian style printer, you do not want the z-axis moving within a layer as it can introduce movement related quality defects (and who wants another source of defects in a 3D Printer?) .

The BCN Sigma uses a really cool process where each head probes the bed at several locations and provides a simple easy to read visual indication on the touchpad for you to adjust a certain number of notches on a dial under the bed.  

It then prints a pattern.  You simply pick the best pattern to align the heads and enter it into the touchpad just like you do with a high quality color paper printer.  Easy.   

Bigger and more complex pieces and a Removable build plate

The printing volume is 210x297x210mm (~8.25x11.7x8.25in) will allow you to print some pretty sizable objects in a single print.  

In addition, the flat glass printing bed is magnetically attached in a no-interference mounting scheme that allows for the bed to be removed when you change prints and replaced without requiring recalibration.

BCN3DNozzle V3

BCN3D Sigma works with the BCN3DNozzle v3, a fully metallic Hotend capable of operating at high temperatures up to 280ºC. Its standard nozzle is 0.4 mm and it can work at a minimum layer high of 50 µm.  It can be fitted with available larger diameter nozzles for printing of specialty materials and faster print completion times or smaller nozzles for higher detail.  

Rigid Construction

A rigid frame is one of the keys to quality 3D Printing.  Sigma achieves this with a welded aluminum frame and metal construction of all key structural pieces.  X and Y axes are mounted on high quality linear rail.  

Guarantee of quality and constant improvements

Both BCN3D Technologies and Fundació CIM are organizations linked to Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), placing them at the forefront of technological advancement. The BCN3D Sigma printer meets the technical and safety CE mark requirements and it includes a full one year warranty. The Sigma improves on previous 3D printer designs that operate based on the principle of extruding consecutive layers of fused material. It includes the Bowden Quick Release extruder, an innovative system with improved outlines and surface finish accuracy.

RepRapBCN3D Impresion 3D

Customized Software: BCN3D Cura

BCN3D Technologies has developed and customized one of the best software for 3D Printers in the market: Cura, which has been created by Ultimaker. BCN3D Cura is optimized for the use of double extruder, as well as for the generation of support structures and multi material,or multicolor prints, including several specific configurations for the BCN3D Sigma. In addition, BCN3D Cura allows to update the firmware of your BCN3D Sigma just connecting the USB cable included in the machine.

Download Cura

    Technical Specifications

    • System of manufacture: FFF (Fused Filament Dual Fabrication Independent Extruder) / IDEX
    • Surface of manufacture: CASH A4 Axis x: 210 mm / Axis Y: 297 mm / Axis z: 210 mm
    • Power consumption max.: 300 w 
    • Extrusion System: Bowden quick release
    • Screen: TouchPAD Resistive Full Color
    • Compatible materials: PLA, ABS, Filaflex, PVA, HIPS, Composites (PLA+wood, Bronze, copper, fibers, ceramic)
    • Electronics: BCN3DElectronics V1. Drivers of engines are independent from the motherboard. FFC cables  (Flat Flexible Cable).
    • Required Filament diameter: 2.85mm
    • Lowest layer height: 50 µm
    • Dimensions ext.: 460x446x680 mm
    • Connection: USB / Firmware Marlin1.01 BCN3D
    • Compatible software: Open Source Slicing Software - Cura, Slic3r

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