colorFabb XT-CF20 + E3D Hardened Nozzle Bundle

Save a few $$ by Bundling the E3D Hardened Steel Nozzle and a 750g spool of colorFabb XT-CF20

Some filled filaments, particularly carbon fiber and glow in the dark, can wear the nozzle quickly.  

Get an E3D Hardened steel nozzle for a longer nozzle life

 This nozzle is compatible with E3D V6 and earlier versions, E3D lite6, Kraken, Reprap Discount Hexagon (used on Robo3D R1 and R1+ and Lulzbot Taz 5 and min), Ultimaker 2+ series, and older Ultimaker 2 equipped with Olsson block.  It does fit on the Ultimaker Original, but will require a fan shroud modifications.  

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