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The EinScan-S is a high quality, easy to use, versatile deskop 3D Scanner.

A 3D Scanner is a tool that can be used to convert real world physical objects into a 3D model that you can manipulate in your favorite program and then print on a 3D Printer.  

The EinScan-S uses a method called Structured Light where it projects a series of patterns on an object and records images of those patterns on the object.  Based on the way the pattern is distorted, the software is able to precisely determine the shape of the object.  This method is used in combination with a software controlled turntable to quickly and easily completely scan the object.  

It operates in two separate modes.  The automatic mode is the easiest and most accurate.  Simply scan a calibration pattern, then place your object on the turntable and hit go.  In about 3 minutes, you will have a complete scan of the object.  If you need to repeat to capture details that were not visible to the camera, you can turn the object on the turntable and repeat.  The software will combine the scans for you.  

The other mode is free scan.  In free scan mode, you manually choose where to scan each view and manually align each scan in the software.  This is useful for scanning larger objects but is a bit more time consuming.  

You also have the option to scan with or without color (texture) depending on your plans with the model.


  • Accuracy:  ≤0.1mm (0.0039in)
  • Maximum scan volume:  Automatic scan:200X200X200mm(7.87-inch cube)Free scan:700X700X700mm(2.3-foot cube)
  • Scan speed:  Automatic scan:<3mins  Free Scan:  ~10 seconds per shot
  • Point distance(mm):  0.17mm ~0.2mm(0.0067"~0.0079")
  • Alignment method:  Automatic and Manual
  • Scan mode:  Automatic scan / Free scan
  • 3D Printable Files:  Yes
  • Resolution: 1.3 Mega Pixel
  • Light source:  White Light
  • Scanner dimension:  
  • Unpacked:scanner head size 246X126X60mm(9.67X4.96X2.36in),turn table 246X260X65mm(9.67X10.24X2.56in)Packed:630X400X180mm(24.8X15.75X7.07in)
  • Weight:  Unpacked:3.5kg(7.72lbs.)  Packed:5.7kg(12.57lbs.)
  • Power consumption:  50W
  • AC input:  100V~230V(swichable)
  • Single scan range(free scan):  200X150mm(7.87"X5.91")
  • Output Format:  STL, ASC, OBJ
  • Newly implemented late 2016 improved cabling harness

Computer Requirements: 

  • Windows 7 or Greater
  • Standalone display adapter (graphics card) forVGA connection
  • 2 free USB 2.0 ports (only connect to USB 2.0)
  • Screen resolution no less than 1024*800
  • 2GB of video memory 
  • 8GB RAM
  • 500GB Hard Drive

Scan size of Automatic Scan Mode Einscan-S 3D Scanner

Maximum Scan size in Automatic Mode

Fast and Easy 3D Scanning with the EinScan-S at Printed Solid

Fast Scan Times

Example textured and untextured 3D Scan

High Detail in Automatic Scan Mode







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