Hardcore 4 - Aftermarket Ultimaker 3 Print Core

Want to get nozzle changing functionality on your Ultimaker 3?  

3D Solex has developed the Hardcore print core for just that purpose.  

You can use the enclosed 4 nozzles for a wider range of printing resolution on the Ultimaker 3.  Load up the .25mm nozzle for higher resolution, load the .6 to print material with large fill like woodfill, or you can pair it up with the Everlast Sapphire tipped nozzle to allow you to print awesome abrasive materials.  

This kit includes:

  • Hardcore aftermarket print core
  • 0.25mm Nozzle 
  • 0.4mm Nozzle
  • 0.6mm Nozzle
  • 0.8mm Nozzle
  • Case
  • Nozzle changing tool

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