Safety Enclosure for Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer

NOTE:  Assembly and printing your own parts are required.  


Instructions (PDF)

Left BracketLeft Bracket (STL)  

Right bracketRight Bracket (STL)


This is an enclosure kit for the Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer.  Help regulate the temperature and reduce drafts for improved print quality and keep curious fingers (or paws) off of your print. 

The kit includes an instruction sheet, the laser cut panels, and fasteners.  You will need to 3D Print mounting brackets in your favorite color choice using the hinge design above.  The Lulzbot Mini 3D printer is not included with the enclosure kit.  If you are looking to get one, we have them available for purchase here.  

 This enclosure is designed and manufactured for Printed Solid by Dave Randolph.   Check out some of his other awesome work here.

Some of the features of the design that we think are really neat:

  • The front and the back are their own individual open boxes rather than doors.  They sit on the same table surface as the printer and are held in place with 3D Printed standoffs.  This gives you maximum room to reach in and access your part for removal.  
  • There is an optional set in place top cover piece.  This is designed to be easily removable for users who want to use large spools.
  • We have built in a location for mounting a 40mm fan to vent air from the chamber.  You would use this to manage fumes.  Some designs use things like HEPA filters to reduce films for things like ABS, HEPA filters are not rated for the ultrafine particles (UFP) that people are concerned about with ABS.  A better approach for managing these particles (aside from simply not using ABS) is to maintain a small pressure differential so that the enclosure is at a lower pressure than the room and particles do not flow out.  You would then tie this exhaust into exhaust leaving the room.  Don't want that feature?  Simply tape over the holes.  
  • That sweet laser engraved logo on the front.  You know you want that, right?  OK.  If you don't like it, we include a sticker in each order to cover it up...  or you could use your own.  
  • No glue is required for assembly.  However, acrylic can be readily solvent welded, so you can easily fix a piece if you break it.
  • No drilling, cutting, or other modifications to the printer itself are required.  

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