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We're waiting for the new Mini V2 to be released.  Once it has been and we can get our hands on some, we will resume classes.  If you're interested in signing up when available, please use the notify me button.


Learn how to use a 3D Printer, then bring it home with you.  

Each session will run from 9am - 4pm at Printed Solid, 2850 Ogletown Rd, Newark, DE on the date listed.

This is a full day session where you will unbox your very own 3D Printer, a MP Maker Select Mini and learn how to use it like a pro!

This is a great starter printer for someone who is interested in getting into 3D Printing, but not sure if they are willing to spend the money on a more fully featured machine.  With a little bit of care and tuning, this machine can produce very high quality prints.

It's going to be intense, but you will get your moneys worth!  The goal of this course is for you to walk out confident in how to operate your printer and make awesome prints from day 1.  Basically, we're going to try to condense your first several months worth of trial and error into one day.  

Attendance is limited to 4 users so that all get adequate individual attention.  

We'll cover the following.   

  • How to calibrate your printer for best results.
  • Run your first print!  
  • A very brief overview of 3D Modeling.
  • Overview of sources to download models from and how to identify usable models.  
  • Introduction to the slicer program including an overview of what all settings mean and how to use them.  We'll focus on Cura, but will provide an overview of other options and why you may want to consider them.
  • How to repair typical machine problems.  
  • A process for systematically identifying and correcting print problems.
  • An overview of common upgrades for this printer.  
  • Materials 101.  An overview of different filament options.  

You will need to bring:

  • Yourself.  Awake.  Alert.  Ready to make awesome.
  • A computer with Cura and Netfabb Basic installed.

What you receive:

  • Coffee and Donuts.  Yeah, we get that 9am on a Saturday may be a bit rough.
  • A MP Maker Select Mini 3D Printer. 4.7" x 4.7" x 4.7" build volume with heated bed capable of printing filaments up to about a 240C print temperature.  
  • A Buildtak Spatula for part removal.
  • A spool of either colorFabb PLA/PHA at your preference.  
  • Lunch.  Cheese Pizza.  Soda, Water, Lemonade.  

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