Screw on M3 Stud Thermistor

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Having trouble with the delicate thermistor on your E3D or other hot end?  Here’s a solution.

This part consists of a EPCOS B57560G104F thermistor embedded in a 4mm long M3 Stud.  It threads directly into the existing hole on the original E3D V6 heater block.  Note that the E3D V6 tapped hole is 3mm deep, so you will need to file the end of the stud to achieve a flush fit if desired.


The current version of this part is rated to 260C.

We have sold two versions.  Between August 2015 and mid-June 2016, we carried a different version.

You can tell the difference by the color of the epoxy and whether epoxy is wicked up into the tubing coming out of the epoxy.  Grey and no wicking = 260C.  Black and 1" or more wicking = 280C.

If you are installing this on a new E3D, final tightening should be performed briefly at 260 or 280 as appropriate rather than the 285 advised with the thermistor that comes with the V6 kit.

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