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Are you interested in getting involved in 3D Printing, but not ready to jump in to a costly machine and not up for playing Kickstarter roulette with a $49 machine that will never ship?  

We present to you the Wanhao Duplicator i3.  

This machine is built off of the heritage of one of the most popular reprap designs around:  The Prusa i3.  

Wanhao has made their own take on this machine.  They have gone to an all formed sheet metal black powder coated frame and have used the MK10 hot end with a direct drive extruder. 

It features a standard reprap 8"X8" aluminum heated build plate and comes with two sheets of buildtak for easy first layer adhesion.  

It also comes with a LCD control panel and SD card reader for untethered printing.  

What do we think about this 3D Printer?  Well, we certainly wouldn't stock it if we didn't think it was a good printer.  For a $400 entry point it is quite good and exceeded our expectations.  Keep in mind that with a printer at this price point, you will need to spend some time tweaking to maintain optimal performance.  In addition, there is a rich user community around this printer publishing upgrades.  With a little bit of work, you can bring the performance of this machine on par to machines that are much more costly.  

If you happen to be local to our shop in Newark, DE, you can pick this up in store and receive a free spool of colorFabb NGEN.   We also offer a full day training class that includes assembly of the printer, starting your first print, 3D Printing and 3D Design guidelines to help you get printing like a pro right from your first day!


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